Cardio Kickboxing

Tone Up Club is excited to add Cardio Kickboxing classes. This action-packed class combines boxing and martial arts. Get a challenging full body workout kick, punch,and block your way through each hour-long class. Unlike most of the cardio kick boxing classes this one is full contact using punching bags, focus mitts, kicking shields and much more.


TRX & Kettlebell

TRX Kettlebell – class uses TRX and Kettle bells to combine strength, balance and cardio for a kick butt workout! All done at timed intervals to keep you focused and on your toes.

Kettle Conditioning – Increase your explosive speed, stability and strength as you move through targeted exercises using weighted kettle bells.

TRX Suspension System Trainer is a workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of challenging exercises. You are in control of how much challenge you want to give yourself.

Kettle bells = A cast-iron weight (resembles a cannonball with a handle). It is used to build strength and endurance through basic movements such as a the swing, snatch, clean and jerk.

Use TRX suspension training to get lean. Pushing, pulling, and stabilizing your own body weight will make amazing physical changes.

*This is our most challenging class


1/2 Hour Abs


Learn how to make your core rock solid. This class will teach you extremely challenging exercises and the modifications to build up to them.

Straight 45


This class is for the intense workout person, no rest, no water, no modifications, no complaining, no questions!!! Please do not sign up for this class if you have any injuries or need modifications made. Be ready to be pushed to your absolute limit. You have been warned.