4 Things You Need to Know About Hiring a Personal Trainer

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If you’ve come to the courageous decision to start making healthier lifestyle changes, congratulations!  This is a huge challenge that takes real dedication, but it will ultimately lead you to wonderful changes in your life.  Of course, figuring out where to begin to make those changes can be half the battle.

For those new to any sort of fitness routine, personal trainers can be a great resource.  They will be your coach and cheerleader, and they will set you up to successfully reach your goals.  But, do keep in mind that they can’t do the work for you. Success comes from both parties being on the same page and working together.  So, let’s take a look at a few things that you need to know about yourself and your goals as you seek the help of a personal trainer:

  • What do you want to accomplish?  Before you start making drastic lifestyle changes, you must first be able to answer this question.  What is it that you hope to get out of your fitness routine? What are you overall goals? Setting goals gives you a clear vision of something to reach for, the finish line, if you will.  But remember, it’s more about the journey than the end result, and you should celebrate each accomplishment as you grow physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Where does your journey begin?  Making healthier lifestyle changes is all about taking one step at a time.  After all, you can’t simply throw yourself into a triathlon before you can even walk a half mile, right?  You have to recognize your starting point, and set benchmark goals along your path. This allows you more opportunities to celebrate each success, and it will keep you motivated to keep reaching for that next level.  
  • Are you coachable?  Once you’re ready to hire a personal trainer, make sure you’re in the right mindset to be coached.  Remember, you don’t know everything, so rely on their expertise, and be open to hearing what needs to be done and how to do it right.  They are there to help you meet your goals, so keep an open mind.
  • Are you open to referrals?  The best personal trainers are able to recognize when certain health issues or obstacles aren’t within their expertise or practice, and so they might refer you to a licensed medical practitioner or physical therapist before you begin your new regimen.  Keep in mind that starting a new fitness regimen can reveal pre-existing conditions you may have previously been unaware of. Your trainer’s goal is to make sure that you are in optimal health so that you can give 100% to your training to reach your overall goals.      

Above all else, before you seek out a personal trainer, ask yourself – Are you willing to put in the work?  With a personal trainer by your side, you better be prepared to work hard. They will set you up with the best program they can that fits your abilities and meets your goals, but you have to make the effort.  Remember, you’re working towards making permanent lifestyle changes, so work hard, and stay consistent so that you can build the strongest version of yourself.




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