Monday Motivation (WEEK 11): Avoid A Pain In The Back

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In this weeks edition, I want to discuss some mobility exercises for multiple parts of the body. Some people work out to look really good naked but the reason I am interested in fitness is that when you work out properly your body has no aches or pain. That should be the ultimate goal for everyone. Looking good comes over time when you workout properly by default. 

One of the biggest places we want mobility in the thoracic spine (middle back). The lumbar spine (lower back) is for stability, we don’t want to mess with the lower back. If we move well at the T spine and at the hips, we shouldn’t have low back issues. If you tape together two tennis balls and put it in the middle of your back and do a mini crunch on it, it will greatly improve your range of motion over time. This should be done after your foam roller to start your workout. I will say again as I have to have said it before, we should always foam roll before our exercise sessions as it greatly decreases the tension in our body by getting rid of the knots. 

          The next area of the body I want to get into is the ankle. I feel like not many people think about the ankle as affecting their exercises but poor ankle mobility greatly affects our squat form. When we have poor ankle mobility we immediately lift the heel off the ground usually causing a forward lean which is No Bueno. An easy test for your ankle is to stand with hands on the wall and to drive your knee forward while keeping your heels on the ground. If you cant keep the heels on the ground for a lot of motion you should do this every day to increase that motion. This will greatly help your squat form and let you get lower into your squats increasing the muscle gain. 

A quote I love from Boyle is “if something is important to do it every day”. Some people might get bored with somethings but we go to work every day, because its important. We don’t all love to do things but we just have to do some things we don’t like that’s just how life works, It’s not perfect. We will get into some more mobility exercises next week.

In Good Health Always,

Sean Maloney and the ToneUp Club Team. 

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