Monday Motivation (WEEK 12): Mobility Exercises

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We are going to continue with some mobility exercises in this weeks edition. One that I use with every client I train at the start is split squats. Split squats are an in-place precursor to the lunge. With each client, it’s different as well. Some do 3 and I can see that their range of motion is good and we can progress to the next progression but some have very poor mobility doing a split squat and we may spend a couple of weeks to a month doing them as they have a burning stretch in the back quad as they drop the hips down. You would be surprised in how many people can’t do a split squat properly with feet facing forward and be able to do it with no pain at all. You have to start simple and in no motion. Once you can do an exercise statically we will progress to dynamic exercises like doing a lunge where you start with your feet together and either bring one foot backward or forward. In doing lateral split squats most would think that the closer your feet the easier it is but that is not true, the wider the feet the less energy it will take to push your self back up. 

Another mobility exercise I love is wall slides. This is another one where you would think without trying it that you can probably do them very easily and may not even be able to get in the position to do it when you try it out. When that is the case the regression is to lay on your back and have your hands over your head and slide your elbows back to make a 90-degree angle with your hands looking like your making a field goal post. This is the same thing we will do on the wall and when we do it, we NEED to keep our elbows on the wall and the back of our hand on the wall as well. The wall slide does so much for the upper body. We activate the lower traps, rhomboid and external rotators while stretching out the pecs and internal rotators. A lot of people don’t have the symmetry you would like as well when we do the wall slide which we are always striving for the most symmetry as possible. When people shrug their shoulders while doing the wall slide it shows dominance in the upper trap, something I noticed in myself once I got into studying fitness. The goes for a lot of pulling exercises as well, we have to be aware of that shrug in the shoulders. We want to avoid that at all costs. 

The last one is what I call an ‘X walk’. You use a superband and you step your feet on it and make an X by crossing the band over and holding it above your core and getting it up to your shoulders is ideal. When you do short choppy steps to the side about ten yards you will feet your butt start burning. We are activating the Glut Medius as well as the whole posterior chain. This is a very good and difficult exercise I do almost daily myself. We are going to get into soft tissue therapy in next weeks edition. 

In Good Health Always,

Sean Maloney and the ToneUp Club Team

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