Monday Motivation (Week 18): It’s Not Just about getting Strong

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I hope everyone is doing alright after the weekend. I had a good one, I hope it was as stressless as possible for you all as it was for me. In today’s edition of MM I want to get into how to prevent/treat a patella-femoral injury or even if you have symptoms that you want to get rid of. We have been talking the last couple of weeks about injuries. They suck, there are no if and or buts, but they happen. They happen even if you train really well. Team sports have so much chance involved with the game that sometimes injuries happen. We are not going to ignore that injuries happen and some of our members will have injuries. My goal in life is to find and build the perfect program for injury reduction rate for each major injury. I think I’m well on my way for the shoulders and ACL just because that was what I overcame in high school and I have built on the individuals that have helped me get back to play. 

I think its a good time to kind of discuss the WHY to what I’m doing. I don’t want to train people just to get strong. It takes will power and mental strength to get through a solid session. I listened to a podcast the other day that had Teddy Atlas as a guest***. Teddy Atlas is an ESPN analysis for boxing these days but he has a fantastic background story. Teddy has recently created a podcast, and he gets into that its a boxing podcast, but its a live podcast. He relates boxing to so many life situations and that is my mentality to fitness training. Before Teddy became a world-class trainer it the boxing game he was a big trouble maker, looking at time in the cell. He figured it out when boxing camp around and saw that it is able to keep you out of trouble if you devote your life to a better cause. He started to take the youth in for free at night while training professionals during the day. He was in it for a good cause. When you’re in the industry you are in for a good reason I believe the money will follow, its just a matter of time. One of my favorite quotes from Teddy that I am going to get up on our walls here at ToneUp Club soon is “You either have reasons to why you can or excuses as to why you can’t”. It’s all a mentality, if you believe you can, and put your time towards it, you will. Fitness is a coping method that everyone can become good at with repetitions. When you have a good trainer that knows that line to push you it becomes a lot of fun. One of my favorite moments so far here at ToneUp was when I had a high school athlete of mine come up to me the other day and say he couldn’t wait to get out of school to come train. I’m not telling him to forget class, not at all. I just want to create an environment where individuals enjoy coming to the gym and have the capability to better themselves on a daily basis. Looking forward to going to get a session in is something I have started to crave. I want everyone I train/encounter to have the same feelings towards it as I do because I know it works. It’s going to get better as time goes on and experience follows, but we have a good thing going here at ToneUp Club with our training staff. We all are dedicated to making people better overall as people, not just stronger. We will get into some more fitness-related material next week, I know your all tired of me rambling on about this stuff….have a good week everyone! 

***Art of Manliness Podcast

          Don’t let the title shy you away. To me, this is a podcast on how to better yourself in a lot of aspects of life. One episode I recommend is episode #533, How to Be a Time Warrior. Let me know your thoughts @sean_maloney.12 on Instagram. Hit the DM and let’s discuss! 

In Good Health Always,

Sean Maloney and the ToneUp Club Team

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