Monday Motivation (WEEK 2): Technique

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I hope everyone had a great weekend! In the second edition of Monday Motivation, I am going to start talking about technique. When we begin working out it should always be with just your bodyweight. This is one main reason I really think everyone should have a personal trainer. That is because they can tell if you are using a perfect technique or not, and it has to start from just your body weight. If you are struggling with a technique because of your body weight, there is no reason to add resistance to that exercise. We would have to first work on hip mobility, ankle mobility, and/or lateral hamstring stretching to make sure your body can adjust and move in the right patterns.

You should be able to squat to where your femur is parallel to the floor. Everyone is different and their bodies function differently, but this is a good baseline for everyone when it comes to the squat. People cheat their technique to lift more weight. They lift more weight to feed their ego, when it comes to training you must throw your ego out when you walk into the facility. A good measure I like to go by now is “technical failure” which came from a Canadian strength and conditioning coach Charles Poliquin. It means that you never count a rep after technique breaks down. This will make you lift properly. I don’t care how many reps you do, I care about how many good reps you do.

When it comes to deciding which functional exercises you should do, you should look at the exercise and ask what kind of joint motion is this. The most basic is a single joint motion. Single joint motions are not done in everyday life that much, and for that reason, I do not like to do many of these and would rather see some do a multi-joint motion. Think about it, in your daily activities how often is someone doing a leg extension, leg curl, or a leg press? Not that often.

In Good Health Always, Sean Maloney and the Tone Up Club Team

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