Monday Motivation (WEEK 3): Stability In Your Workout

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Welcome back to the third edition of Monday Motivation.

Exercises are separated into lower body, upper body, torso, and core strength exercises. These are further broken down to knee dominant, hip dominant, upper body pushing, and upper body pulling. In most cases you will progress from a machine to a primary standing position, causing more stability. Once you master the standing position we will add in an unstable surface to really focus on the stabilizing muscles. 

When discussing the progression of the squat, mastering the two leg squat is good, but mastering the single leg squat is amazing. When we run, we are on one foot. When individuals pull their hamstring, do they ever pull it bilateral meaning both legs pull the hamstring? Not a chance. The muscles that support the lower leg in single leg stance (glut. medius, adductors) are not nearly as active in the double leg squat. Once you master the single leg squat, adding in an unstable force will really challenge your stability and core activation. 

In Good Health Always,

Sean Maloney and the Tone Up Club Team

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