Monday Motivation (WEEK 5): Horizontal Pulling Movements

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Hope everyone is doing well! Today I want to get into horizontal pulling movements and how the body is designed. First of all, this motion is very good for injury reduction and it is something that many trainers may not be putting into their programs, or put in enough. The biggest plus to the rowing motion is that it targets both the muscles and the movement patterns that are DIRECTLY OPPOSITE to those trained in the bench press (which everyone loves to do!). 

In discussing the body and how we are now viewing and decided how we should be training it, it is more than a chest to back or shoulder, bicep, tri-cep idea. As there have been more and more research people are looking at the body by a joint by joint approach. When you start at the ground and go up it goes by mobility to stability pattern all the way to the head. The ankle, mobile. Knee, stability. Hip, mobility. Lumbar spine ( low back) stability. Thoracic spine (middle back) mobility. Scapulae, stability. Gleno-humeral joint (shoulder) mobility. This explanation gives us a good way to examine the body. I will be diving into this approach and how we can use it to better ourselves in later readings. 

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Sean Maloney and the ToneUp Club Team 

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