Monday Motivation (WEEK 7): Mobility & Stability

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I hope everyone had a good weekend! In this weeks edition, we will be discussing the difference between mobility and stability and how to get both of these concepts to be working together properly to have a good range of motion and be stable with that motion. 

We need to make sure we are stable before we get mobile. The knees and lumbar spine (low back) must be stable first. We need to increase our ankle, hip, and t-spine (mid-back) mobility to make the knees and lumbar spine doesn’t work more then they should be. A good way to test if you have a stability issue is to try and perform a squat with your bodyweight. If you are unable to squat with a full range of motion but are able to lay on your back and flex your hips up above 90 degrees and keep your back flat on the ground, you most likely have a stability issue. Stability affects mobility. The body does not allow motion that it cant control. That control is gained over time by decreasing the range of motion and improving it week by week. Mobility is the freedom of movement at a moveable segment for example at your joints. Stability is the ability to control this motion at a segment of the body WITH the presence of force, tension, load or movement added in. If we want to control excessive motion in an exercise, we must initially eliminate these potential sources of the motion, therefor going to our knees or sitting down to start out an exercise and progressing to our feet when we have enough control and proper motion. Going to our knees with our hips extended will create greater glute emphasis now that the muscle will no longer have to control the knee, only the hip. The next would be to go to a 1/2 kneeling position, one knee up, one knee down and progressing up to a standing position. This is just one example of how to make sure we are progressing our exercises and making sure that we are controlling the motion  (stability) while also increasing the range of motion (mobility). 

In Good Health,

Sean Maloney and the ToneUp Club Team 

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