Monday Motivation (WEEK 9): Functional Movement

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In this weeks edition of Monday motivation, we are going to look at another case study that Mr. Boyle experienced, this time being with an NFL wide receiver. To start off again, the findings with the functional movement screening (discussed later) was a 1/3 on rotary stability and a 3/3 in rotary mobility. I hope this alarms some right away because when one has poor stability and very high mobility, something is bound to happen. Stability needs to come before mobility. 

Athletes with great mobility with no control are the most at risk for an injury. This specific athlete stopped his traditional weight lifting program in college because he was getting stress on his back so frequently because of traditional squats and lifting a very heavy amount. He should never have been spinal loading, to begin with. This athlete ended up with hamstring strains very frequently. When one has a hamstring strain, you should first check out their glute strength. Typically, you will see the glute not as strong as they should be and this leads to the hamstrings doing too much work because the hamstrings are the secondary muscle that will do work for the weak glutes. It doesn’t matter the athlete or how much strength you have. When ones primary muscles are weak and the synergists (secondary muscle) take over they are bound to eventually fail, even if you are one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. The solution here was to train unilateral strength (single leg) with minimal spinal loading to develop the glutes. 

Anytime you injury a muscle and especially a prime mover, the key is to find the weak synergist. Especially for the lower body, you should try to implement single-leg squats and bridges to get the gluten activated. How many times have you seen an athlete strain both his hamstrings? I don’t think I ever have, its always on the single-leg movements. Let’s start implementing single-leg exercises, huh? 

In Good Health Always,

Sean Maloney and the ToneUp Club Team

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