Working Out With Friends: The Benefits of Friendly Competition

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There’s a reason for the saying “healthy competition.”  It turns out, a little friendly competition has quite a few surprising benefits.  So, if you’re serious about your health and fitness goals, maybe it’s time to start working out with friends!

When you make a point to exercise with your friends, you have someone else in the game who can push you to keep going through the use of positive feedback, even push you farther than you ever thought you could reach.  Going toe to toe with one another even helps you to perform better because it raises the bar, and you automatically hold yourself to a higher standard to meet your competing party’s.

It’s all about getting your head in the game to reach your fitness goals.  If you fall short of those goals, even during your daily routine, your friends will be there to support you and help you work through what went wrong.  Then, they’re also there to help build you back up through motivation and performance. Remember, your true competition is with yourself, but if your friends can go through the steps with you and support a friendly rivalry, they can keep your routine from growing stale and you from heading into a downward spiral in performance.

Competition gives you the excitement and motivation that you need to push through your greatest hurdles, as you’ll want nothing more than to prove that you can do it.  Competition boosts overall performance because it gives you something immediately within sight to strive for.  Of course, working with friends by your side as opponents can help you in other ways, too. The payoffs that come with friendly competition can also do the following:

  • Fitness competition among friends can light a fire under you.  Look at it as an opportunity to challenge your comfort zone by doing whatever’s necessary to show them up or surpass their own efforts.  Though it’s really all in the name of camaraderie, you won’t want them to become a scene-stealer and show you up on the gym floor. Instead, you’ll start to focus all of your energy on your workout and your success.  You’ll be motivated to work even harder and rock your fitness routine!
  • Fitness competition among friends can help you pinpoint the areas where you need to improve.  When you exercise with friends, you know they’re going to tell you the truth to help you achieve your goals.  They have your best interests at heart and are working alongside you to provide the opportunity for growth.
  • Fitness competition among friends can boost bonding within your group.  Believe it or not, the whole “us-versus-them” mentality and the friendly (that’s the key) “trash” talking that comes with it can actually boost loyalty within your group, as you motivate one another to achieve something greater than what you walked into the room with.  In fitness, your established common “enemy” is the workout itself, and this is what unites your group of friends and helps boost cohesiveness, as you’re all joined in a common goal – to overcome the challenges of a workout.

When you recruit to get others involved in your fitness mission, you encourage teamwork and in return will receive the motivation that you need to keep pushing forward.  So, the next time you feel that you might be starting to slack off in your fitness program, call in some of your friends for some healthy competition and inspiration.


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